Laser Saber Fencing Camp

Ages 8 - 14
Unleash the power within.....


Dark side or light side?
Musketeer or Warrior?

No matter which side you choose, this camp will teach you all the basics of fighting with a sword - be it an epee, foil, or laser saber.  18 soon-to-be masters  will work in teams of 6  to learn the moves, techniques, and strategies of true sword fighters. Campers will learn the Olympic style of fencing in all three disciplines (Foil, Epee and Saber) as well as the first and second forms of the Laser Saber. In addition to learning  the fine art of Olympic and laser saber fighting, they will be challenged to solve missions, puzzles, and problems and use the force for the greater good of the team. At the end of a week of missions and battles, each team will be rewarded for its strengths and challenged on its weaknesses.  Through missions, activities, games, and challenges,  campers will learn and improve their skills of communication, comraderie, battle strategies, and team work. Each "mission" is designed to bring out the best in all campers.

And, you get to battle with laser sabers!

2019 Summer Schedule

Session 1: June 10 - 14

Session 2: June 17 - 21

Campers can sign up for for a full day session for the week or they can choose to attend the AM session or the PM session. 

Full day session cost: $500 

9am to 4pm with lunch from noon to 1pm

Half Day session cost: $295

Morning Session is from 9am - 12pm

Afternoon session is from 1pm - 4pm

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Mike Pederson
Master Coach and Laser Knight

Mike was the 2008 Olympic coach for US Fencing and is a lifelong teacher (English) and fencing coach. He started working with children when he was 14 years old in the Boy Scouts and believes in the philosophy of positive excellence. His students have won numerous national and international medals and mike has a passion for sword fighting of all styles. He has directed stage fights as well as coached his team to an Olympic silver medal. He loves the Star Wars movies and secretly has always wanted to own a real laser saber..

Maureen Griffin
Master Coach and Rebel Leader

Maureen is Canadian by birth and famed for her competition accumen. Maureen has coached US National teams at national and world Championships and is one of the winningest female coaches in the world. She has an in-depth knowledge of battle tactics in space and is thought to have actually dueled with the dark lords of the empire. Leader of the rebellion, she leads by example and heart!

GGFC Staff
Young apprentices
 and Positive People

Driven by the power awakening inside of them, these outstanding high school  and college athletes are experienced fencers who have grown up believing in positive excellence. They all have previous experience working with young laser knights  and  will work directly with the campers to keep the ratio of counselors to campers at 1:6. Adept at games, leadership, conflict resolution, and really, really, really bad and long jokes, these counselors are the heart of our program.



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